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Wide Open Spaces & Big Skies – Eastern Colorado Landscape

A lot of people have the mistaken impression that Colorado is all mountains and snow. But about 1/2 of Colorado is about as hilly as Iowa or Nebraska (meaning very not mountainous) and summers can get really hot (like 95 degrees and up, hot).

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding down in the far southeastern corner of the Colorado, an area I’d never visited before (I mean why would I, really? There’s nothing there).

I’d taken many other road trips out east, but we’d always driven on I-70 or I-76. But I can tell you the view doesn’t change much once you’re anywhere east of Denver. It’s flat. Flat, flat and more flat. But that’s okay if you’re into wide open spaces and huge skies. Then you’ll have as much of that as you want ’til the cows come home.Eastern Colorado landscape

On some stretches of road, you can go for a long time without passing another car. And then, somewhat surprisingly, you’ll pass a whole train of cars and semis.

Wide open road & big skies, eastern Colorado

My artistic shot of the landscape.

Fuzzy eastern Colorado road & skies

I’ve got a thing for windmills. Yeah, it kinda mars the landscape, but it also provides something of interest to the eye (not to mention generates energy), breaking up the otherwise expanse of near nothingness.

Windmill farm in eastern Colorado

To Sum It Up…

Colorado is a tale of two areas. If you cut the state in half from top to bottom, on the west side, you’d have mountains (mostly) and on the east side you’d have wide open spaces (mostly).

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because it’s flat doesn’t mean it’s all boring. It’s quite pretty for the first 20 or so minutes. But 2, 3 or 4 hours later… let’s just say it starts to all look the same and you start to hope for a little bit of diversity in the landscape.

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