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View of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from Teton Pass

If you’re not driving into Jackson Hole from Utah, you may not really have a reason to head up Teton Pass. But if you’re up for a little drive up the pass, you’ll be greeted with this old-school-looking sign at the top and be rewarded with a nice view of the valley.

Jackson Hole Sign on Teton Pass

Not a bad view of the valley from the top of Teton Pass.

View of Jackson Hole from Teton Pass

When heading back down the hill (on either side) be careful not to bleed your brakes. On both sides it’s a steep downhill grade.

Here’s a steep grade road sign from the east side heading into Jackson Hole. 10% is pretty crazy and a runaway car would not be a good thing.

Steep 10% grade road sign on Teton Pass

Final Thoughts

Teton Pass in and of itself isn’t something you should go out of your way for. The views at the top are nice and the drive up is ok, but it might be a little underwhelming. And there’s not much to see on the west side, either.

The first time we drove from Jackson over the pass to Victor, Utah, to visit friends who were living there, we were hoping to find a cute little mountain town on the other side – something kinda like Jackson, maybe. But no – Victor and the surrounding area is flat, flat, flat and the town itself was totally small town USA. It felt completely different than Jackson. If that’s your thing, go for it, but otherwise, stick to the Jackson Hole side.


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