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Caffeine & Sugar Fix in Tokyo at Streamer Coffee

Nary a day goes by when I don’t long for my morning cup of coffee. I didn’t used to be that way. But my husband corrupted me.Fancy Coffee design at Streamer - Tokyo, Japan

Ok, corrupt is a bit of a strong word. Especially since I really look forward to having my coffee, most days. And I figure so long as it’s not really to the point of an addiction – and it’s not, I swear :) – then what harm is it doing, really?

When we were in Japan we hadn’t fully expected to get our morning caffeine every day. Coffee is really expensive there. It wasn’t just the exchange rate, either.

Most places you could go to get coffee (and that includes the ubiquitous Starbucks), the smallest cup of drip coffee would be roughly 300 Japanese Yen (JPY). At the time, that was equivalent to almost $4 USD. For drip! And fancier drinks were even pricier – more in the $5-8 range. Yikes.

There were days when we just couldn’t stomach paying those kinds of prices and so we instead opted for the ever-present vending machines, which more often than not, had a few coffee-type options. Clearly not as tasty, but not the worst you could do, either. And at roughly 150 JPY, you can’t go too wrong.

But, there were also days when we longed for the real thing. And when the rain rolled in and everything else was soggy, we headed to Streamer Coffee in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo.

Fancy Coffee design at Streamer - Tokyo, Japan

Now being that Tristan, my hubby, is an avid coffee drinker, he actually researched places to check out before we arrived in Japan. Streamer was top of the list.

They apparently are pretty well known for having expert baristas, some who have even competed in “latte art” competitions and are actually sponsored by bigger named companies. I had no idea things like that happened.

When you do order a fancy-pants coffee, though, you’ll probably be pretty amazed at the patterns they create in the foam. Very nice, no?

Fancy Coffee design at Streamer - Tokyo, Japan

It wasn’t just about the coffee, though. Well initially it was.

But then when we stepped up to the counter to order I got distracted…

Military & Vanilla Beans Raised Donuts at Streamer Coffee - Tokyo, Japan

Ok, yum. Fine, twist my arm, I’ll take one, please and thank you.

I’m a big sucker for raised donuts (the only kind I eat, actually). So when I spied those Military-colored donuts there was no going back.

I say I’m a donut fan but really I don’t compare to my husband. He’s the bigger fan and willing to eat way more than just the raised ones. So yes, he partook in the donut eating, too. (In case you were wondering the donuts were good, but nothing too special other than the unique design).

My father-in-law went another way. He found this big pastry more to his liking.

Pastry treat at Streamer Coffee - Tokyo, Japan

Truth be told, we actually went to Streamer two times. The first time it was so darned good that we had to go again. But, I must also disclose openly that the second time around we were a bit more disappointed. Pretty as they looked, the lattes were a bit watery. And when you’re paying about $7 for it it’s kinda hard to take.

High prices & hit-or-miss coffee didn’t make for the ideal experience, but the prices were on par with Starbucks, anyway, and the place was definitely more Japanese-y so it was still worth the stop (especially the first time!).

In case you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s their website:

Happy coffee drinking!


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8 Responses to Caffeine & Sugar Fix in Tokyo at Streamer Coffee

  1. Jess @ Used York City June 4, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    Wow, I could really go for one of those military donuts! Kinda a sucker for pretty food and beverages;-)

    • Kim June 4, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

      Yeah, it was probably the coolest-looking donut I’ve ever eaten. :)

  2. Carol June 13, 2012 at 3:34 am #

    I would love to get a cup of coffee with a pretty design on top! I’m going to make a special effort to try to get to Streamers… thanks for the website!

    • Kim June 18, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

      You’re welcome! The thing about coffee in Japan is it ain’t cheap. So if you’re going to be spending money on it anyway, might as well go to a place that specializes in it since Starbucks costs just as much (and was far more watery than Streamers!). Enjoy!


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