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Portland’s Yummy Food & Drink

When I was sharing my thoughts about Portland I briefly mentioned how good Portland’s food is but I didn’t really go into it. I figured seeing is believing so here are some highlights from our trip.

Coffee at StumptownStumptown Coffee

There’s nothing like starting off the day with a fabulous cup of coffee. Of the two of us, my husband may be more of the coffee connoisseur but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Stumptown is actually one of my favorites. Last time we were in NYC we had it at the Ace Hotel and I couldn’t wait to have more. Now that we were here in Portland, their home base, we had to make the stop. Many times.

Hooray for Stumptown!



Vietnamese food at Pho VanVietnamese food at Pho Van in Portland

As we were exploring the Hawthorne District, we realized we were pretty hungry. We scoped out a few restaurants in the area before settling on Pho Van.

We both ended up ordering a vermicelli noodle dish with fried spring rolls. It came quickly – which was awesome since we were starving – and it was a good-sized portion, too. I even had plenty to take home as a second meal.

It was quite tasty and a pretty good deal so it hit the spot. I don’t actually eat Vietnamese food very often and now I wonder why that is. This dish could’ve actually been quite healthy had I not opted for the fried stuff (but everything tastes better when it’s fried, doesn’t it?). I made a mental note to eat Vietnamese more often.


Voodoo DoughnutsDonuts at Voodoo in Portland

I like donuts, but my husband loves them. I mean really truly could eat a donut for every meal.

So it’s no surprise a donut shop was on our list of places to visit. But Voodoo is different. It’s special – in a good way. They are ridiculously creative with their donut concoctions – and that’s truly what they are, concoctions. How else can you describe bacon on a donut? (Yes, they do actually put bacon on a donut.)

While I can’t vouch for that particular combination, I can safely say the two we did try were quite possibly the best donuts I’d ever had.

One donut we ordered was called the “Dirt doughnut.” And while it actually turns me off thinking of eating a donut piled high with crunchy dirt, this “dirt” donut was heavenly. It was a raised donut topped with Oreos and Vanilla frosting. Yum! And then I also had to order my staple, a chocolate raised donut, just to compare apples to apples. Or donuts to donuts in this case. It didn’t disappoint.

Seriously, if you’re into donuts (or even if your aren’t, really) don’t miss this place. (I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t mention that you shouldn’t be surprised if you have to wait in line. And a long one, at that. It’s popular for good reason, but the line is a bit of a drag.)


Southern food at Screen DoorPulled pork sandwich & fries at Screen Door in Portland

One of our biggest problems when traveling is that we get so caught up in doing stuff that we almost forget to eat. I say almost because there comes a point when your body starts to fade and your stomach is growling so loudly that you can’t ignore it any longer.

But the problem is we don’t always plan ahead for food. And that can be a big mistake, because once you’re hungry you want food now. And finding a decent place to eat is not an easy task.

We once again scrambled to locate a good food joint near us. I spotted a buzzing place, Screen Door, and we decided to go for it. We parked quickly and headed inside.

Now normally when we’re starving we don’t pick a place that’s packed with people already waiting. It’s not a good sign. But somehow we managed to score two spots at the bar and we gratefully plopped ourselves down.

After a quick scan of the menu we ordered a pulled pork sandwich with fries and a side of fresh veggies. We couldn’t wait.

But wait we had to. The kitchen seemed super backed up and people at the bar with us were as antsy as we were to be fed. Their food eventually came and I looked longingly at the fried chicken and potatoes hoping ours wouldn’t be too far behind.

And then finally our food arrived. The sandwich towered above the fries, pork and coleslaw spilling out onto the plate. The vegetable dish was generous, too, and we dug right in. Delicious, if I do say so myself.


Portland may have a small-town feel but it’s got some world-class dining options. We were just bummed we couldn’t stick around to eat our way through more of them. :)


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