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Moe the Black Lab Mix

Moe, Black Labrador Mix - Denver Dog Photo

Moe’s a big goof ball. And a strong one, at that.

When I met him & his sister, Lilly, I squatted down to say hello. Moe came charging at me and literally bowled my arse over, sending me tumbling to the ground. It’s been a while since I’ve been successfully tackled by a dog – I can usually hold my own pretty well.

At this point I’m ready for the “attack” to continue and I try to protect my face from Moe’s persistent licks. While trying to maneuver towards my face, Moe steps all over me and thwaps my legs with his long, curly tail.

Excited about his new guest and ready to play, he quickly disappears and comes trotting back with his toy encircling his head. I’ve since recovered and manage to make a photo of his cute little face poking through. So cute, no?


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