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Eating when Traveling on the Road

I’m guessing most people kinda resort to eating either fast food or junk food when traveling for extended periods of time. I think back to all of those road trips growing up and the food didn’t differ all that much from what I eat today. Maybe we’d pack a sandwich and some chips, but generally it’s gonna be pretty hard to avoid the junk. It’s just easier to pick up some fast food than spend the time sitting down in a restaurant that can give you a more balanced meal.

Drinks & Food when on a Road Trip

I know for us, one of the easiest times to figure out what we’re gonna eat when we’re traveling is when we know we’re gonna be sitting a car for hours. We tend to look for uninteresting choices that fulfill our basic requirements:

1) The food is easy to bring along (usually prepared & wrapped)

2) The food is fast & there’s no preparation involved (no sit-down places or waiting)

3) There’s no huge messes because basically no utensils or accoutrements are needed – I’d rather the ketchup stay in its pouch than land in my lap

That being said, it seems quite often we’ll end up chowing down on protein bars & fruit leather. We’ve found some pretty good bars that don’t taste like dirt or cardboard, too (Clif Bars are some of our favorites), and give us just enough energy to keep going for a while. And then you don’t feel as crappy as you might after indulging in a greasy fast-food meal.

But when in a new country it’s also good to try some things you’ve never seen or aren’t available in your home country. I tend to gravitate towards the coffee-flavored milks that seem common in Europe (it’s sorta like graduating from chocolate milk ;), while Tristan is a huge fan of Red Bull (I personally can’t stand it) so he opted to try the new cola which hadn’t been released in the US at the time.

So there you have it. We tend to subsist on protein bars when enduring long travel segments, but sometimes we’ll opt in for a local treat, too. What do you eat?

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