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A Failed Hiking Attempt – Lake Como, Italy

Before we left for Italy, I did a ton of research on where to go hiking in the area. The lake is surrounded by awesome mountains and I really wanted to climb atop one.

I picked out a good hike really close to our B&B, Villa Tres Jolie, and it had really promising views. So we got up early, had our breakfast and started up the mountainside in our car.

Look how pretty it is and we’re still in the car! :)

View of Lake Como, Italy

This little guy was just munching away at the green goodies along the side of the road. Bit scraggly, but cute anyway.
Goat - Lake Como, Italy

Maybe 10 minutes later we arrived at the parking lot. We slapped on some sunscreen and got out of the car to check out the view. Gorgeous.

View of Lake Como, Italy

And then it started. Seconds after getting out of the car, we were attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. I’m not kidding. These things were everywhere.

I’m kinda used to dealing with mosquitoes on hikes. Tristan’s from Alaska so we spend a lot of time hiking up there and they’re notoriously bad. But I wasn’t expecting so many here in the middle of the day. And I wanted to go hiking, dammit, so we were gonna try to ignore them if we could. These little buggers weren’t gonna prevent us from doing what we came to do.

So I double checked my map and up the hill we went. For about 5 minutes. That’s as long as we could last. I really hoped that once we started moving, they’d kinda go away and we could be on our merry way.

But alas, the mosquitoes proved far more persistent than us and we decided to give in. :(

Sadly we didn’t end up going on any real hikes while in Lake Como, but now I know that if I want to try again, I’ll need to be more prepared for an onslaught of mosquitoes. Note to self: drench yourself in bug repellent!

At least is wasn’t fully a bust. The view from the parking lot was impressive and we got to see a little goat, too! :)

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